WE ARE BE GIRL  Visionaries and doers for womankind who are fiercely committed to gender equality and uplifting the power of choice, confidence, and courage. For us, performance is access to design and making the ordinary extraordinary.


Be Girl is a mission-driven design company that creates innovative, beautiful, and affordable products for womankind. We are a transformative force that uses design to create products that enable women and girls to take command of their bodies.


Be Girl works for a world where menstruation is considered beautiful and being a girl does not stand in the way of opportunities, health, and success. 


Empowerment by design. We work with all our hearts to create thoughtful products that enable proper care, understanding, and celebration of the female body. By unlocking the power that comes with knowledge, we all have the opportunity to achieve our infinite potential.


We create feminine products that are made with the highest quality materials to deliver the best performance. Never compromising on details and always caring for the individual and the environment.


Our Approach

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Beautiful & Functional Design

Good design is simple, resourceful, aspirational and responsive; but it is even more important for designs to be inclusive. Every person has the right to feel ownership of products that fill her with pride and a sense of dignity.

We deeply believe that the role of design is to improve people’s lives at all levels, regardless of their body type, circumstances, and limitations. “Design” is just a word unless it has a purpose!

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Access for All

We are dedicated to creating accessible, affordable, and high-performance products that support, enhance, and enable women’s autonomy and confidence.

We exist to empower women and girls through design and education, so they can stand for what is right for humanity and the planet. We believe everyone should have the knowledge and power to live their life to the fullest.

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Product Choice

Empowerment is rooted in choice. Being able to make decisions on how to take care of your body is fundamental for self-determination.

We envision a world where women have full agency over their bodies. We embrace every action towards fostering resilience and providing choices to influence the quality of life.