Meet The Team

Be Girl is a design company operating under the philosophy that good design is simple, resourceful, aspirational and inclusive.

We believe that every person has the right to own and feel pride in products that directly impact dignity. Through our products we aim to give equal access to opportunities that will radically improve quality of life and allow individuals to achieve their full potential.

DIANA SIERRA /// Co-founder & Chief Empowerment Officer | PABLO FREUND /// Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer | WENDY ANDERSON /// Partner & Catalyst | M. PAULA NAVIA /// Strategist & Explorer STEPHANIE LEGRAND /// Operations & Optimist

ADVISORS | LUCKSON KATSI /// WASH and Gender | MARNI SOMMER /// Adolescent, Global Health and Development | SARA MINARD /// Social Economy and Sustainable Development | SONIA ERLICH SACHS /// Pediatric and Public Health | SOPHIE WADE /// Entrepreneurship | ALIA KARIM /// Education and Development | KAHLIL BYRD /// Strategy and Development | JEFFREY OWENS /// Partnerships and Development