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We envision a world where menstruation is considered beautiful.



EmpowerBank is Be Girl’s partnership program created to provide high-performance and sustainable menstrual products to the girls and women who need them the most.

We believe every person deserves dignity, beauty, and confidence every day of the month.





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EmpowerBank puts Be Girl products directly in the hands of girls around the world.



 Our research shows that stigma holds girls back. This is what we set out to change.
Because of our extensive work in the field, we know first hand the importance of holistic interventions that work with cultural, economic and social circumstances.


How EmpowerBank works






This journey starts thanks to you.

When you buy Be Girl, you are supporting our work to supply period panties to girls in need.








We get to work with the help of hands

full of will and talent.

We manufacture the products that were paid

forward through the sponsorships.











EmpowerBank receives a deposit of panties.

This is how we collectively build

our impact inventory. A bank of BeGirlPanties.











Experienced and committed partners

receive a deposit of panties.

We coordinate logistics to transport the panties

and reach the girls served by our nonprofit partners.










Girls worldwide get panties. 

Girls with poor or non-existing access

to sanitary products receive Be Girl products. 

They participate in workshops

to learn about menstrual health and hygiene.










Together, we've helped many girls flourish at school and at home while preventing massive waste in our planet.





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