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Period Protection on Your Terms


A unique hybrid design in the shape of a panty or a pad

Our award-winning patented design offers leak-proof protection and the choice on how to manage your flow.





Core Components for Unparalleled Adaptability


Fillable Pouch

Carefully selected advanced textiles for optimum performance

100% Leak-proof Bottom Layer

Quick-Drying and Breathable Mesh




Absorbent Inserts

It works with both DISPOSABLE and REUSABLE materials.

Comes with reusable absorbent inserts
- towel or washable liners -

Works with any safe absorbent material
- toilet paper or absorbent pulp towels -



Your Choice


You can fill the mesh pocket with the washable liners or explore other safe absorbent alternatives

-  Earth-friendly disposable liners available soon!  - 




Safer. Smarter. Sustainable.

Period products that don't harm the environment or expose women to unnecessary chemicals and perfumes.



Dare to save. Reduce waste, not your money.

Be Girl products last up to 2 years!




How to Use Them



Wear it as a panty. Use it as a sanitary pad. 





Attaches to underwear like a traditional sanitary pad.


Use Instructions & Recommendations

1. Take one liner and insert it into the mesh pocket of the Period Panty or FlexiPad.

2. Position the liner until it covers the full length of the pocket - make sure it lays flat.

3. Use the mesh flaps to hold the liner in place.

4. Change the absorbent filler every 3 to 6 hours (depending on your flow)




    Wash, Use & Repeat

    Keep your panties looking gorgeous!


    Be Girl Panties should be machine-washed or hand washed in warm water and laid flat to dry.

    Important: do not put the Period Panty in the dryer. It may affect the mesh lining.

    The reusable liners can be machine-washed or hand washed. Dryers are recommended to maintain softness.



    *If irritation or discomfort occurs discontinue use of the product immediately.





    Empowerment is Rooted in Choice

    Be Girl technology was developed as a design solution to the negative outcomes that result from lack of affordable, effective and appropriate hygienic menstrual protection for women worldwide. We create sustainable, thoughtfully designed menstrual products that support both the physical and mental well-being of women so that biology and stigma are not barriers to opportunities.


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