Be Girl Sponsor! - Be Girl - 1
Be Girl Sponsor! - Be Girl - 1
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Be Girl Sponsor!

Already have a full underwear drawer but you still want to be a changemaker for girls?

Sponsoring a girl will ensure she receives 2 BeGirlPanty, which gives a girl the freedom of opportunity to have choice. It is sustainable period protection so she can go to school no matter the time of the month.  

Buy panties for one or many girls!

Your purchase makes a deposit of in our EmpowerBank program where 2 BeGirlPanties will be distributed to a girl via a vetted non-profit partner with a proven track record in girls’ health and empowerment programs.  In addition to menstrual panties, your investment ensures that each girl you support receives formal menstrual hygiene and health education so that she has the knowledge to combat taboos and take charge of her health.   


Be Girl Period Panty | Bikini cut from Be Girl on Vimeo.