FitCup® Menstrual Kit - BACKORDER

FitCup® Menstrual Kit - BACKORDER

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Be Girl’s FitCup® Menstrual Kit is on backorder now! The kit includes the FitCup® — our reusable menstrual cup — along with its sleek Sterilizing Case. Both the FitCup and Sterilizing Case are made from the highest quality medical-grade silicone and designed for maximum comfort and usability on-the-go. Wear it for a maximum of 12 consecutive hours for worry-free, leak-proof protection that fits your active lifestyle. Our one-of-a-kind Sterilizing Case lets you easily clean and sterilize the FitCup® anywhere you go with minimal water usage and safely store it between cycles. 

Trust us — with the FitCup® Menstrual Kit, period protection has never been easier!  

  • Both the FitCup® and Sterilizing Case are made with medical-grade silicone and are compliant with FDA standards

  • Manufactured in the USA

  • Holds up to 30 ml of fluid (typical flow during a cycle is 10-35 ml)

  • Can be worn up to 12 consecutive hours

  • Lasts at least 5 years with proper care

  • Environmentally-friendly — never buy tampons again!

  • Simple and easy to use! See the full user guide here.

When you purchase Be Girl products, you make it possible for women and girls around the world to access the same premium products as you at super-affordable prices. Learn more about our global impact.

ON BACKORDER! Our FitCup® Menstrual Kits have flown off the shelves! We are currently sold out, but we will have more in stock soon and will fulfill your order as soon as we can. As a special thank you, order now on backorder and SAVE 20% on your kit. We will let you know when your FitCup® has shipped!

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