Help End Period Poverty

Help End Period Poverty

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Give the gift of period protection.

Millions of girls around the world struggle to afford sanitary products every month. Disposable products are not feasible solutions in many communities due to existing waste disposal systems. And — perhaps more importantly — they don’t provide lasting protection for girls.

When you sponsor a girl with Be Girl’s colorful and beautiful PeriodPanties, you’re giving safe, reliable, and comfortable period protection that lasts for two years or more.

How you can help:

  • $10: Give a PeriodPanty

  • $25: Give a full period kit — 2 PeriodPanties and 1 SmartCycle education tool

  • $500: Sponsor a classroom with period kits

  • $5,000: Sponsor a school with period kits

We believe that ALL girls deserve access to high-quality, beautiful, functional products — that’s why our products are the same in every country around the world. Learn more about our approach to global impact.

Note: Donations are not tax exempt because Be Girl is a social enterprise not a non-profit organization. All product donations are distributed through our non-profit partners (learn more here).

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Our Global Vision

Be Girl creates high-quality, beautiful products designed for womankind everywhere. We believe that, no matter where she lives, a girl should have access to period protection on her terms. To achieve this goal, we make our line of premium products available at affordable prices to girls around the world. At Be Girl, we believe that menstruation doesn’t have to stand in the way of girls achieving their full potential. And when girls thrive, their homes, communities, and countries thrive with them.