The Be Girl Liner is a high-performance, washable liner designed to fit comfortably in the universal pocket of your FlexiPad™ and PeriodPanty™ as a user-friendly alternative to the microfiber towel. Made with microfiber and cellulose, the liner is super-absorbent and easy to insert, molding to the shape of your body. The liners are machine-washable, making them extremely easy to clean!  

The liners, available in a pack of 2, are a perfect addition to your FlexiPad™ or PeriodPanty™ for a comfortable and sustainable period.

  • User-friendly alternative to the microfiber towel insert

  • The small Liner fits the FlexiPad™ size small and all sizes of the PeriodPanty™

  • The large Liner fits the FlexiPad™ size large

  • Lasts at least 2 years with proper care

  • Easy to wash (machine-washable) and quick to dry

  • Comfortable to wear and leak-proof

  • Sold in a pack of 2 liners

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