PeriodPanty™ Sport

PeriodPanty™ Sport



The patented and revolutionary Be Girl PeriodPanty™ Sport is colorful, fashionable, and breathable high-performance menstrual underwear designed to keep you protected and comfortable all day. The panty is leak-proof and stain-resistant and has a universal pocket to accommodate either a reusable or disposable absorbent. The PeriodPanty™ gives you the power to customize your menstrual protection to match your cycle and flow.

  • Includes one microfiber towel insert — shop easy-to-insert liners and additional towel inserts

  • Ripstop nylon (the same material used to make parachutes) creates a strong and leak-proof bottom

  • Comfortable and breathable stain-resistant sports fabric

  • Easy to wash and quick to dry

  • Designed to last at least two years with proper care

  • Available in three sizes, each a different color

  • Sizes run small — panties are sized for adolescent girls (see size chart in product images queue)

When you purchase Be Girl products, you make it possible for women and girls around the world to access the same premium products as you at super-affordable prices. Learn more about our global impact.

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