The SmartCycle® Menstrual Tracker is a user-friendly educational tool created to teach adolescents about the menstrual cycle in a way that’s simple and engaging. This mechanical disk is a calendar that tracks the cycle by linking the numbered days with different icons that represent the key phases of the menstrual cycle – menstruation, ovulation, and preparation. Its use allows girls to learn about and monitor their periods, encouraging them to be active participants in managing their menstrual health.

  • Engaging and colorful menstrual education tool

  • Comes with a menstrual guide in 7 languages (English, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, French and Swahili)

  • Easy and fun to use

You can download the guide for SmartCycle® facilitators, see results from previous workshops, and much more here!

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Created as a necklace, this wearable device is an educational tool to teach menstrual hygiene and introductory female reproductive health.

The mechanical disk rotates clockwise to follow the stages of the cycle through menstruation, ovulation, and preparation. Rotate one number to the right each day, starting on the first day of menstruation.