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The Be Girl FlexiPad™ is a high-performance, reusable sanitary pad designed to fit comfortably onto your underwear. Made from ripstop nylon (the same material used to make parachutes), FlexiPads are incredibly strong yet lightweight. Made from Be Girl’s patented leak-proof and stain-resistant technology, the FlexiPad is built with a universal pocket that holds the Be Girl microfiber towel (included) or a disposable absorbent.

The FlexiPad is available in two sizes to fit your needs: the small is a sustainable alternative to traditional disposable pads, and the large is ideal for heavy bleeding, overnight, and postpartum use. The FlexiPad gives you the freedom to customize your period protection.

  • Includes one microfiber towel insert

  • Ripstop nylon creates a strong and leak-proof universal pocket

  • Comfortable and stain resistant

  • Easy to wash and quick to dry

  • Designed to last at least two years with proper care

  • Available in two sizes. The small fits like a traditional sanitary pad, and the large is made for heavy flows, overnight use, and postpartum moms.

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