Be Girl is creating much more than a
dignified means to manage menstruation

BE GIRL gives girls the tools to love their body,
design their life
 and achieve their potential.

We are committed to rigorously measuring the positive outcomes
our products create in girls’ and women’s quality of life.

Love their body

Increase access to improved menstrual hygiene management technologies and practices
Decreasing anxiety and physical discomfort around menstruation

Design their life

Develop self-determination and increase access to society
Fostering resilience and providing choice to influence their quality of life; enabling full participation in school and society

Achieve their potential

Reduce absences from school due to menstruation issues that lead to poor performance
Better life opportunities,
wellbeing and outcomes!


We have reached

over 3000 girls

with 4,095 product units 

distributed throughout 9 countries:

Rwanda, Malawi, Uganda, Tanzania, Mali, Jordan,
Morocco, Kenya, and Ethiopia


Impact beyond our products

Putting people at the center 
throughout our value chain



Girls who use the product are active members of the BE GIRL team.
They participate in the design and evaluation of all of our products.


Responsible Manufacturing

Our products are made in Colombia by head of household women who are provided with high quality employment and support to lead their families, achieve their potential and transform their communities. Our manufacturing partners are
SA 8000 certified, which recognizes its outstanding commitment to treating employees ethically and in compliance with global standards.


Inclusive Distribution

As we grow, we aim to recruit and train local women to create access to our products.  This approach respects and strengthens the traditional avenues of trusted female networks to break down social taboos around menstruation while also creating income opportunities and transferable skills for local women.


Support Girls & Womens' Empowerment