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What is Be Girl’s social mission?

Be Girl creates high-quality, beautiful products designed for womankind everywhere. We believe that no matter where she lives, a girl should have access to period protection on her terms. To achieve this goal, we make our line of premium products available at affordable prices to girls around the world. At Be Girl, we believe that menstruation shouldn’t stand in the way of girls achieving their full potential and when girls thrive, their homes, communities, and countries thrive with them.

Are Be Girl products good for the environment?

Yes! All Be Girl products are reusable and sustainable. Reusable menstrual products can save the planet over 1 million metric tons of waste from disposable menstrual products per year. Each menstruating woman in the US will throw away up to 330 pounds (150 kilograms) of disposable menstrual products in her lifetime. Thank you for helping to reduce waste!

What does "radical access" mean?

Radical access means that girls and women everywhere have the same menstrual health management choices that you have. Your support makes it possible to offer Be Girl’s premium products at affordable prices around the world.

Why do you ship some products in a plastic bag?

Be Girl products are shipped all over the world! Our durable and sealable plastic packaging makes sure that your products stay safe and hygienic, no matter how many miles they travel. What's more – the plastic bag doubles as a wet bag if you need to change your PeriodPanty, FlexiPad, or insert on the go.


How do I purchase Be Girl products?

All Be Girl products are available for purchase through our online store. Check out our complete collection on the PRODUCTS page of our website.

What payment methods do you accept?

Our online store accepts debit/credit card payments.

How long will it take to receive my Be Girl products after I place an order?

Domestic orders ship within one week of purchase (Mon-Fri, before 5 pm) and arrive in 7-10 business days via standard shipping. Domestic shipping includes all 50 states, DC, Puerto Rico, and APO/FPO.

I live abroad. Can I still order Be Girl products?

Absolutely! Currently, we provide standard shipping options to Canada. Otherwise, email us at if you live elsewhere outside the US and would like to purchase products. International shipping times and costs vary. Note: Customers may be responsible for paying customs fees/taxes if applicable.

Return Policy

Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns because Be Girl products are personal hygiene items. Consequently, all sales are final. If you have any issues or questions about your product, please don’t hesitate to email us at We love to hear from our customers and appreciate all feedback!


Where are Be Girl products made?

All Be Girl products are designed in Washington, DC.

The FitCup® is manufactured in the US.

The PeriodPanty, FlexiPads, and SmartCycles are manufactured in China. Be Girl manufactures products only at suppliers that are appropriately International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certified (both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001). Be Girl also works with third-party quality control agents in China to ensure that Be Girl's high product standards are met.


I want to contribute to your mission to expand access to period protection. What can I do?

First, thank you for your interest and support! This is how you can contribute:

Buy Be Girl Products: When you purchase Be Girl products, you make it possible for girls and women around the world to have safe, reliable, and affordable access to the same products that you have. Check out our complete collection in the Shop Now section of our website and see our Impact section to learn more about our global impact approach.

Become a Sponsor: You can also sponsor a girl who can’t afford to purchase menstrual products. Each girl you sponsor will receive two Be Girl PeriodPanties that will provide her with two years of period protection! Click here to sponsor a girl today.

Spread the Word: You can also help raise awareness by sharing our mission and products with your network of friends, family, and the larger community. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, share our posts on your social media platforms, and subscribe to our mailing list (at the bottom of the page) to stay engaged with Be Girl and our latest projects!

I love Be Girl’s products. Can I sell them in my store or to my local community?

We are happy that you appreciate our products! If you are interested in becoming a distributor, please fill out this Distributor Interest Form and we will get back to you.

How can I be part of the team?

Thank you for your interest! We do not have any current openings but invite you to follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn to stay up-to-date on future employment opportunities.

Can I help fundraise?

Yes, thank you for your interest! If you need fundraising ideas, check out this link. If you would like support from us with a fundraising idea you already have, please email us at


PeriodPanty and FlexiPad:

How are Be Girl PeriodPanties™ different from other menstrual underwear?

Be Girl PeriodPanties are fashionable, breathable underwear made from leak-proof and stain-resistant fabric that provides all-day protection and comfort to girls and women during their periods. The panties have a patented universal pocket to accommodate either the included, reusable microfiber towel insert or any other absorbent. This means that unlike most other period underwear brands, you don’t need to wear tampons or any additional protection with Be Girl products. Be Girl will protect you every day of your period, even on your heaviest days.

Do I need to wear a pad or tampon with the PeriodPanty on heavy days?

Nope. Be Girl period products will fully protect you any day of your period.

What is the technology behind the PeriodPanties and FlexiPads? How do they work?

Both the PeriodPanty and the FlexiPad are made from high-performance fabrics and have a patented universal pocket that holds the Be Girl microfiber towel (included) or any disposable absorbent of our choosing. The pocket is made from water-resistant ripstop nylon (the material used to make parachutes!), which creates a strong, leak-proof, and stain-resistant bottom. The pocket also sports moisture-wicking, breathable mesh, making them easy to wash and quick to dry!

What materials are FlexiPads and PeriodPanties made with?

The PeriodPanty is 93% polyester and 7% spandex. The FlexiPad is 100% polyester.

How much liquid can the PeriodPanties and FlexiPads comfortably hold?

FlexiPad (Small): 30 ml

PeriodPanty: 30 ml

How should I wash the PeriodPanties and FlexiPads? Are they machine-washable?

The PeriodPanty and FlexiPad should be washed once a day to ensure good menstrual hygiene. To help the products last two years or more, we highly recommend gently hand-washing and hang-drying. To hand-wash:

1. Separate the towel from the panty or pad and soak separately for about 20 minutes.

2. Use soap to gently wash both pieces. Do not scrub too forcefully.

3. To remove water, gently squeeze in the palm of your hand. Do not wring out or twist.

4. Hang to dry in a ventilated area.

If you prefer to machine wash, remove the towel from the pocket and launder in cold water using the machine’s delicates or hand wash setting. Once clean, hang out to dry in a ventilated area. Do not machine dry because it will ruin the high-performance materials. But with our breathable fabric, your PeriodPanties and FlexiPads will dry in no time!

Can I wear the PeriodPanty or FlexiPad on its own without an absorbent insert?

No, the PeriodPanty and FlexiPad require that the universal pocket hold an insert. This is because the pocket is a leak-proof barrier while the insert absorbs liquid, so without an insert, the PeriodPanty and FlexiPad have no way of absorbing your flow.

What else can I use as an absorbent insert with the PeriodPanty/FlexiPad?

A quick-drying reusable microfiber towel insert is included with each FlexiPad and PeriodPanty. What sets Be Girl apart, however, is our unique flexible pocket, which is designed to comfortably and safely fit any absorbent materials of your choice: cloth, tissue paper, paper towel, cotton, etc. Our product’s unparalleled adaptability gives girls and women the choice and convenience of disposable products with minimum environmental impact.

FitCup Menstrual Kit:

Who is the FitCup® designed for?

The FitCup® is designed for everyone! The cup is suitable for any type of period – from light to heavy flow. It is a flexible, reusable, and sustainable period protection option. The cup is sized to provide ideal comfort for women under 30 or who have not given birth.

How is the FitCup® different from other menstrual cups?

The FitCup® is the only menstrual cup that includes our one-of-a-kind Sterilizing Case that lets you easily clean and sterilize the FitCup® anywhere (at home and on the go) with minimal water usage and safely store it between cycles.

How long can I wear the FitCup®?

You can wear the FitCup® for up to 12 hours.

How often do I need to clean the FitCup®?

The FitCup® must be sterilized before first use and at the beginning and end of each cycle. During your cycle, simply rinse the cup with clean water after emptying and before reinserting. See our full care and use instructions the FitCup® product page.

How frequently does the FitCup® need to be emptied?

The FitCup® should be emptied 2-4 times a day, depending on your flow, though you can wear the FitCup® for up to 12 hours.

What material is the FitCup® and Sterilizing Case made of?

Both the FitCup® and the Sterilizing Case are made from medical-grade silicone and is compliant with USA Food and Drug Administration Standards.

How much liquid can the FitCup® hold?

The FitCup® holds up to 30 milliliters of fluid, which is equivalent to 6 regular tampons.

Do menstrual cups carry any risk of toxic shock syndrome (TSS)?

Menstrual cups do not carry more risk of TSS than any other menstrual hygiene product like tampons. However, as with any period product, there is no way to ensure zero risks of TSS. If you keep your FitCup clean and wear it for no more than 12 hours, the chances of TSS are extremely slim. As always, make sure to follow all care and use instructions.

Why doesn't the Sterilizing Case seal completely?

The case does not seal completely in order to be breathable. The FitCup® must be placed in a non-sealable, non-airtight case that will allow air flow to facilitate moisture evaporation. This ensures the FitCup® remains the only thing inside your Sterilizing Case!

What happens if I need to empty the cup in a public restroom?

We understand that emptying the FitCup® in a public restroom seems intimidating, which is why we created the Sterilizing Case! Simply empty the FitCup® into the toilet and carry it to the sink in the case, fill the case with water to rinse the cup, and reinsert.

Can I have sex with the FitCup®?

No, you must remove the FitCup® before having sex!

Can I wear the FitCup® when I sleep?

Of course! The FitCup® is designed to support overnight use. It is completely fine to sleep with the FitCup® for a leak-proof slumber! Just ensure you do not wear the cup for more than 12 hours at a time.

Can I wear the FitCup® when I exercise? When I swim?

Absolutely! The FitCup® is comfortable when inserted correctly and designed to support an active lifestyle. It will not budge during a workout, swimming, or other physical activity.

Can the FitCup® get lost or stuck inside of me?

The FitCup® cannot get lost inside your body, though it is not uncommon for it to shift, which can make it hard to reach. If you cannot immediately feel the cup, do not panic. Flex your pelvic muscles (as if you’re urinating) to gently move the cup lower. Do not use any foreign object to remove the cup; doing so may hurt you. If the pelvic floor exercise does not work, give it time and the cup should move down on its own. If you experience severe pain or still cannot reach the cup after 12 hours, consult a physician.

Can I use the FitCup® if I have an intrauterine contraceptive device (IUD)?

Yes. You can wear the FitCup® when you have an IUD. We recommend that you consult with your doctor in order to make sure that the strings are as short as possible. If it feels like the string has gotten longer, the IUD has likely moved and you should consult with your doctor to ensure it is in the correct place.

Can I wear the FitCup® on an airplane? Will the air pressure make it leak?

Absolutely! Changes in air pressure or altitude will not affect the performance or safety of the cup.

For more information about the FitCup® Menstrual Kit, see the full User Guide.

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