The Problem


Period Protection – A Global Human Rights Issue

Today, 800 million girls and women around the world are menstruating. And yet – affordable, safe, reliable period protection remains out of reach for many. Without affordable products, girls sacrifice other daily needs to purchase them or go with less hygienic alternatives. Without safe products, girls are exposed to infection or other health risks. Without reliable products, girls miss out on quality learning in school.

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250 Million Girls

Across the world lack access to safe menstrual health management resources. Menstruation is often steeped in taboos and stigmas, leading many to be ashamed of being a girl.

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20 Billion

Disposable pads, tampons, and applicators are sent to landfills every year in the US alone. Generic disposable products are a massive source of non-biodegradable waste. Each menstruating woman in the US will throw away up to 150 kg of disposable menstrual products in her lifetime. What’s more, many disposable products have unnecessary perfumes and chemicals that may put a girl’s developing body at risk.



Be Girl's Approach to Global Impact

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Our Global Vision

Be Girl creates high-quality, beautiful products designed for womankind everywhere. We believe that no matter where she lives, a girl should have access to period protection on her terms. To achieve this goal, we make our line of premium products available at affordable prices to girls around the world. At Be Girl, we believe that menstruation doesn’t have to stand in the way of girls achieving their full potential. And when girls thrive, their homes, communities, and countries thrive with them.


We envision a world where menstruation is considered beautiful.


How does it work?


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When you purchase Be Girl products or sponsor a girl, you are sparking a global process of change for girls.


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Your support creates access to Be Girl’s premium products for girls everywhere at low or no cost. We know that it is critical to work with local markets, and often it is better to offer products at an affordable cost than to give them away for free. For this reason, our core approach to global impact centers around entering new markets at super-affordable prices.


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Knowledge is power. The Be Girl SmartCycle® necklace and app put knowledge in the hands of girls so they can understand their bodies and manage their personal health. We conduct our Be Girl SmartCycle® Workshops around the world, demystifying menstruation and helping girls develop agency over their bodies.  



Be Girl's Global Impact

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What can you do?


Purchase Be Girl Products

When you purchase Be Girl products, you make it possible for girls and women around the world to have safe, reliable, affordable access to the same products that you have. 

Give the Gift of Period Protection

Consider sponsoring a girl who can’t afford to purchase menstrual products with the gift of a Be Girl PeriodPanty or a full menstrual kit. Each PeriodPanty provides a girl with two years of period protection!

Become a Distributor

If you are an individual or business interested in distributing products to your country or community, fill out the form at the link below.


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