SmartCycle® Menstrual Education

The SmartCycle® Menstrual Educational Tool is a menstrual tracker created with and for adolescent girls to help them manage menstruation with information and independence. Designed as a wearable necklace, the SmartCycle® puts knowledge in the hands of girls to learn about and monitor their periods.

Our design can be used by any girl regardless of age, location, or income level. 



The necklace is a user-friendly kinesthetic menstrual tracker designed to help girls internalize information about their own cycle. 

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Education demystifies the menstrual cycle, giving girls power over their own bodies. The SmartCycle® delivers education about menstruation, through developmentally appropriate, hands-on education. 

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The SmartCycle® is more than a tool. The complete SmartCycle® methodology enables organizations and educators to deliver interactive, age-appropriate menstrual health education to adolescent boys and girls. It’s vital to bring boys into the conversation as well to build empathy, fight stigma, and create a culture of mutual respect.

Download the SmartCycle® Workshop Training Manual and Curriculum here: 




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